Sangetsu X-Select

Sangetsu X-Select

The X SELECT Catalog offers an extensive collection of vinyl, paper, textile and natural handcrafted wallcoverings which are ideal for retail, hospitality, restaurants and residential projects. It is derived from two words: ultimate selection and excellent.  This collection is focusing on premium designs and divided into different concepts:   SHITSURAHI:  traditional Japanese wallcoverings in WASHI, Gold & Silver, KATAGAMI, Paper Weave, Sisal, Juraku and Diatomaceous Earth.

Premium: speciality wallcoverings such as textile wallcoverings, glass beads, diatomaceous earth.  

Offering special texture items that are sold in rolls and real cork are used with some printing on top.  Textiles fabric with paper backing is definitely more luxurious than vinyl wallcovering. 

Made in Japan, these wall designs come in abstract, floral, stripes and geometrics.  The wall finishes come in paper, sparkles, metallics, flock, textiles, mica and sandy textures.  Some of the wallcoverings like the Gold and Silver Japanese inspired wallcoverings could be used for the ceiling to accentuate special lightings.  These collections are exquisitely handcrafted wallcovering so the width will be from 60-92 cm while the roll length will vary.  More information will be available upon request. 

More information available upon request from Goodrich Global.   

Sangetsu X-Select

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