MFS Access Floor System (Data Centre)

MFS Access Floor System (Data Centre)

Microtac MFS Access Floor System for Data Centres provides data centre owners, operators and end-users with a safe, reliable and cost-effective access floor solution for data centre use

The MFS Access Floor System for Data Centre space provides the following benefits:

Localized Cooling Pathways
MFS access floor panels are interchangeable with our aluminium grating panels. This versatility in configuration allows users to modify where they would require their cooling pathways to be located at for best cooling efficiency.

Moisture/Condensation Management
Our access floor system will be installed with thermal insulation to prevent condensation between floors due to temperature differences. Our installers are experienced and been trained to ensure the thermal insulation system installed are able to work as intended.

Safety And Access To Maintenance
Management of cable and electrical services are kept underfloor to reduce hazards. Access floor panels are held in place by gravity and can be removed for easy access for regular maintenance. Maintenance cost is significantly reduced compare to overhead installation of services.

Environmental Friendly 
Our MFS panels are certified and rated at 3 ticks (Excellent Rating) under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme. This scheme is well recognized under Green Mark Scheme and usage of SGBP certified products will contribute points to Green Mark Scheme for buildings.

Certified by Singapore Green Building Council

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