LYSAGHT® Trimdek® is a trapezoidal ribbed and wall cladding profile with effective cover width of 760mm and a rib height of 29mm. Designed to perform at a minimum recommended roof pitch of 3 degree, LYSAGHT® Trimdek® is made from high strength G550 steel.

The strength, spanning ability, lightness and rigidity of LYSAGHT® Trimdek® means wide support spacing can be used with safety. Its aesthetically pleasing exterior provides an economic roofing option for contemporary homes, industrial and commercial roofing, and wall cladding applications.

Available cut to length up to thermal expansion limits, typically 24m, or as per local transportation restrictions.

LYSAGHT® Trimdek® can be crimp curved to provide versatility and creativity for new and refreshing designs in commercial, industrial, civic and domestic buildings. This has the potential to reduce cost in construction mainly due to:

  • Less supporting framework required for fascias, parapets and roofs.
  • Simplified and reduced work involved in installation of fascia cladding.
  • Reduction or elimination of any flashing and cappings.
  • Less cladding material required to cover a given curve.

Environmental Protection and Quality:  Solar Reflectance Index 

Material, Resource and Performance:  Recycle content


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