LYSAGHT® Spandek® is a tough, symmetrical trapezoidal ribbed and wall cladding profile with effective cover width of 700mm and a rib height of 24mm. LYSAGHT® Spandek® is ideal for buildings requiring long spans and wider purlin spacings resulting in fewer fasteners. It is designed to perform at a minimum recommended roof pitch of 3° (1 in 20).

LYSAGHT® Spandek® is also used as a structural substrate for architectural standing seam roof system due to its superior strength.

To further expand the design options for architects, LYSAGHT® Spandek® is also available in crimped curved shapes. These cladding dramatically increases versatility while enabling refreshing new designs that employ curves and contours for a more fluid, organic appearance.

Environmental Protection and Quality:  Solar Reflectance Index 

Material, Resource and Performance:  Recycle content


Lysaght Spandek

December 6, 2018

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