Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

Product Name: Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

Product Brand:  GreenTurf

Model: OD001 English Pride, OD002 Rainbow, OD003 Bohemian Chic, OD004 Lush Tropical, OD005 Resilience


GreenTurf aims to provide greening solutions for every home and business and they are proud to introduce their new range of Artificial Greenwall solutions.

Leveraging on their experience working with plastic materials for the outdoors, GreenTurf have successfully developed their new range of Artificial Greenwall solutions that are designed to complement their range of synthetic turf solutions.

GreenTurf can now provide Green finishes to every wall or floor and give old and unused spaces a Fresh New Look! GreenTurf Artificial Greenwall products are safety-tested by internationally recognized bodies and can withstand the wear-and-tear of outdoor elements.

GreenTurf strive to provide solutions to allow you to enjoy green spaces without the hassle.

Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

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