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Urbane Indonesia is an architecture, urban design and project visioning consultant firm based in Bandung. UI was founded on June 2004 in Bandung by M. Ridwan Kamil (an international Young Design Entrepreneur of the year IYDEY award recipients from British Council Indonesia in 2006) with his partners Achmad D. Tardiyana, Reza Nurtahja and Irvan P. Darwis. We have established an international reputation by doing some overseas project such as Syria Al-Noor Ecopolis in Syria and Changchun Financial District in China.

Urbane Indonesia team consists of young professionals with creative and idealistic minds to look for and create solutions for environment and urban design problem. Urbane also has a community project in Urbane Community projects with a vision and mission to help people in an urban community to have donation access and skills to upgrade their neighborhood.



Our visioning session is based in some researches. The visioning session is trying to give our clients some information regarding the project and the design process.


We collect all the best design ideas in our team and developed it so that it can meet the demands of our clients.


The firm is dedicated to partnering with the clients to create places and architecture where the function and aesthetic work together, while responding to critical environmental and social issues, including ecology, visual impacts and economic viability.


With the creative minds, URBANE brings to its worldwide clientele a team of several talented and visioned professionals that provide innovative solutions to complex problems.


We are committed to excellence in design and to serving our clients with unique solutions.


Image Name of the Project Category Location Year

International Achievement - 2005

1st Award Beijing Islamic Center Design Competition


1st Award Sayembara Art Center Kota Baru Parahyangan

2nd Award Sayembara Sekolah Al Azhar Syifa Budi

2nd Award Sayembara Masterplan Gorontalo New Town


Top 10 Awards IAI Design Competition - Museum Wayang


1st & 2nd Award IAI Design Competition Agung Sedayu Mediteranian Kapuk Club House

The Best 3 Award Universitas Tarumanegara New Building Competition

4th Award IAI Design Competition Maluku Tower

1st Award IAI Design Competition Suara Merdeka Head Office


3rd Award IAI Design Competition Kantor Camat dan Lurah Jakarta

1st & 2nd Award Gerbang Kemayoran Design Competition


Honorable Mention Sayembara Kantor Puskom PU

1st Award Tsunami Museum NAD National Competition


Top 10 BCI Asia Award

Sayembara Gerbang Kota Tangerang


Top 10 BCI Asia Award

BCI Green Design Award - Bottle House

2nd Award GedungFasilkom UI Design Competition

1st Award Gedung X FIB UI Design Competition

1st Award Gedung Pusat Budaya dan Sekolah Seni UI Design Competition


Top 10 BCI Asia Award on May 2010

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Bandung 40191
Regional Address
PT Urbane Indonesia (Jakarta)
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