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SAE Design Studio is a design and architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia founded by two architects who fully dedicated their career to architecture world.

‘SAE’ is a simple word comes from Sundanese and Sanskrit means ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’. Through our design, we want to deliver a simple yet beautiful, meaningful and thoughtful design that understand the client’s needs and surpass their expectation.

More that just to create a physical object, SAE believe architecture is about how to create a soul which come from a deep thought of function and aesthetic value from specific lifestyle, character, culture and nature. Without any hesitation, architecture give influences to its user and surrounding and has a strong role in building an environment; therefore a wise attitude need to be applied in every decision made to leave positive traces.


Vassa Lake House

By SAE Design Studio


March 19, 2018

SAE Design Studio
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SAE Design Studio

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