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Laguarda.Low Architects is an award-winning, international practice with the essential mandate of seeking a pure methodology toward the process of design. With over 80 design professionals in New York, as well as abroad in Beijing, China and through the affiliate office of Laguarda.Low + Tanamachi in Tokyo, Japan, LLA shares an extensive knowledge of a diverse range of project types through a proven degree of experience. Ranging from Master Plans to Mixed-Use projects of varying scale and program, the work and experience of Laguarda.Low spans across four continents and continues to evolve. With the central idea of placing emphasis of design first through an inclusive process of developing ideas and possibilities, LLA is void of the undermining tendencies and bureaucracy that occur within the traditional practice. As such, the body of work that has been developed since the firm’s inception contains a strong lineage of high-level design that is not defined through the eyes of a single aesthetic but rather a clear viewpoint that is rich with contextual, cultural, and programmatic understanding.

Design is the focus of our practice. The success of our firm in the international marketplace is a testament to our ability to respond efficiently and effectively to demanding client needs and to deliver innovative design solutions that add value to commercial development in a timely fashion. Our design philosophy is open and continually developing. We begin with a methodology of focusing each architectural project on the understanding and development of its urban design role. Our focus is different with every commission. We believe that each project is complex and unique, and should generate individual responses. An unusual factor that differentiates us from other firms is that almost all of our global work is executed by the same team of design architects here in New York. We believe this gives us an enormous advantage over local or regional firms that work only in specific places, or divide international work between various, disconnected offices. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and a competitive edge by maintaining a group of talented people who have collaborated together in the same place for some time, giving them the congruence of a shared experience over a broad range of sites, strategies and design problems.

The internationalism of Laguarda Low is one of the outstanding characteristics of our firm. This not only provides a benefit to our clients, but allows us to extend opportunities at our firm to architects from many parts of the world. We are proud to consider ourselves an international firm in all senses of the word. Not only do we have international work and offices, but even in our central office our staff includes architects from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Macao, Romania, Venezuela, India and the United States. In order to work internationally from our central office in New York and have effective, timely control over numerous projects in distinct cities throughout the world, we have developed an operation method which takes advantage of cutting-edge communication and technology. From systems which assure file delivery, to a state-of-the-art video conferencing system, to the latest in computer software and hardware, we are dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments that help us to work efficiently and productively with clients and on projects globally. We have strong, established relationships not only with local architects, but also with model makers, computer animators and 24-hour print shops that allow us to deliver finished documents and presentation drawings using the most efficient and cost-effective methods.

Our firm prefers not to produce construction documents. In our works around the globe, as well as our projects in the United States, we use the resources of associate firms to undertake locally appropriate detailed documentation. We do, however, take on a critical oversight of such production, and participate in the monitoring and oversight of projects during construction. All architects in our office, from the partners to the most junior, are therefore focused on the process of the production of ideas and design.

Consciously seeking to bring the process of design to its most pure and essential methodology, we believe it is important to fully separate ourselves from the bureaucratic tendencies of our profession: excessive and dominant management, large and inefficient meetings, and all the other obstacles that bureaucracy can create, which we find can interrupt the development and efficient production of strong and powerful design ideas. By maintaining a consistent size and personnel in our firm, controlling overhead, and clarifying management, the partners are able to focus on design and dedicate their time to client expectations.

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