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Insada Integrated Design Team

Insada Integrated Design Team has repeatedly supported clients in successful projects by prioritizing and delivering quality, mature, interior and architecture design with international standards. With more than 250 completed projects nationally and internationally, we have experience in serving a variety of markets and client base. 


INSADA believes that architecture should perform inside and out – maintaining a striking identity on the outside that reflect the owner’s spirit without sacrificing the performance for the people or organizations that directly interacts with the inside space. Having served projects in diverse climates such as Indonesia, Seychelles, China, or Los Angeles; INSADA also pays attention in each and every detail within the building that allows it relate to its surroundings and function that is appropriate to its specific location. INSADA also has experience service different typologies of architecture projects from tropical resorts, single family housings, to mixed use highrises.

Interior Design

INSADA’s interior design portfolio consistently proven to successfully deliver prestigious, high-quality, complex large-scale projects. We do believe that a mature space planning is essential to every project and is a strong first step in creating a functional and elegant space. Integrating well with other disciplines in the office, our interior design team understands the collaborative effort needed between structure and MEP to deliver a delicate interior space. INSADA also strives to deliver a responsible design and documentation, with knowledge that help clients deliver a project that is financially feasible and adhering to the nuances of local construction techniques and material availability.


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