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Creative Lighting Asia (Equipment) Pte Ltd

Established in 2003, Creative Lighting Asia (CLA) is a specialist, project-based, lighting solutions provider with representative offices in 10 Asian countries. Working closely with the lighting specification community, CLA provides expert product knowledge, specification assistance, product supply, installation, technical and comprehensive after-sales services.

CLA can help you meet your project needs through the following:

  • Products – CLA provides lighting solutions by working with leading manufacturers from around the world
  • Design Support – CLA can assist designers with schematic and technical drawings, light level calculations and renderings
  • Mock-Ups – Allow designers to confirm the lighting system performs as required on site
  • Procurement & Logistics – Sourcing of high-quality specified materials
  • Installation Services – A team of specialist engineers to conduct complete system installation
  • Site Supervision – CLA provide expert on-site services and supervision from a team of highly trained professionals
  • Testing & Commissioning – Comprehensive testing on major system components, such as cabling, drivers, power supplies and controls equipment as required
  • Programming – To oversee system functionality to meet the client’s project requirements
  • Maintenance – Tailored services to meet the client and project needs
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June 7, 2019

Creative Lighting Asia (Equipment) Pte Ltd
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Creative Lighting Asia (Equipment) Pte Ltd

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