Creating a patient care environment that looks like a hotel room setting
Published: December 10, 2018

admin | Product Review | 10 December, 2018

    Creating a patient care environment that looks like a hotel room setting

    Imagine recuperating in a stylish looking patient care room.  This is the trend that we are seeing in many new healthcare environments.  More and more healthcare providers are using stylish designs and high-performance furnishings to improve patients’ well-being.   Having a conducive working and recuperating area will not only enhance patients’ recovery time, but it also increases the staffs’ productivity.

    Public Area. Image © Goodrich Global Pte Ltd.

    Public Area. Image © Goodrich Global Pte Ltd.

                      Empty Nurses Station And Corridor In Modern Hospital. Image © Goodrich Global.

    For the public areas like entrances, hallways and lobbies, one could use the decorative and durable wallcovering and flooring solutions to create an engaging and warm entrance that will put a smile on the guests’ and customers’ face.  Goodrich also provides functional wallpapers for the easy maintenance and cleaning of certain areas. In addition, the Glass Films are really effective in reducing the reflectivity of glass; they also cut ultraviolet radiations by 99+% and have the facility of scatter prevention providing a comfortable environment possible. The handrails are critical in allowing some patients to hold them while walking.  The rigid sheets could be used in every area for providing wall protection and decorative purposes.  It protects the wall from scratch and abrasion so it will reduce maintenance costs and extend the life cycle of the building walls.

                     Empty beds in a hospital or surgical center recovery room. Image © Goodrich Global Pte Ltd.

    The curtains used in the healthcare premises are washable and anti-viral too along with a deodorizing effect.  The Eval Barrier Cloth from FAITH also possesses the barrier cloths which are anti-microbial and durable. For the hospital wards, the cubicle curtains which are fantex treated disposal curtains which are compatible with all existing tracks.  In addition, Goodrich offers pure quality silicon leather which is allergen-free and eco-friendly.  Also, they are of high durability and can be cleaned easily on a daily basis. The vinyl floors from Armstrong are a durable industrial type designed for sterile and antiseptic areas which are ideal for treatment rooms, public areas, patient rooms and research laboratories.

                      Hospital room with beds and comfortable medical equipped in a modern hospital. Image © Goodrich Global Pte Ltd.

    In short, a good interior plays a vital part in the efficiency of a healthcare practice. From controlling noise, ensuring the lighting that enables visual performance and even standardizing room layout will increase overall efficiency giving every patient the feeling that they are being cared for.


    This story is produced in collaboration with Goodrich Global Pte Ltd


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