BlueScope Lysaght: Functionality Meets Versatility
Published: May 27, 2019

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    BlueScope Lysaght: Functionality Meets Versatility

    Roofing and Walling

    BlueScope Lysaght offers a complete range of roofing and walling products that are suitable for an array of building designs. From straightforward seamless wall panels to extensive roofing lengths and curves, the company’s comprehensive range of products meets the most stringent yet architecturally demanding structure’s design without compromising on strength and flexibility. The products also help to elevate the aesthetic values of building structures.


    Lakeside Primary School. Image © BlueScope Lysaght.

    Lakeside Primary School. Image © BlueScope Lysaght.

    Lysaght’s roofing and walling profiles are innovatively designed for easy installation—depending on the building designs, it can either be concealed or pierced fix. The products are tested in laboratories in accordance with local and international building standards and the roofing solutions are developed to provide strength, as well as noise and thermal reduction. In addition, with COLORBOND® as its core material, these roofing and walling products are lightweight, durable, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.


    National Audit Department of Terengganu. Image © BlueScope Lysaght.

    National Audit Department of Terengganu. Image © BlueScope Lysaght.


    Structural Decking

    The structural decking by BlueScope Lysaght is a complete steel decking system for steel framed, concrete or masonry construction, which is widely used in building high-rise skyscrapers. It serves as a permanent formwork and working platform during the construction stage, as well as a bottom reinforcement for composite slab.

    The highly efficient, versatile and robust decking meets fire performance rating standards and comes in different thickness, providing a greater mechanical connection between concrete and steel deck. The lightweight structural decking is protected against corrosion and is easily installed, requiring minimal labour and tools and hence improving the construction progress timeline. It also meets the Industrialised Building System (IBS) requirements.


    Marina Bay Sand. Image © BlueScope Lysaght.

    Marina Bay Sand. Image © BlueScope Lysaght.

    Truss System

    BlueScope Lysaught designs and manufactures steel trusses for the residential and commercial markets. The steel truss system holds high tensile strength with a material warranty of up to 50 years. It is a lightweight, alternative to timber roof framing, competitively priced with structural integrity that leads to lower lifetime costs.


    The steel truss system combines durability, affordability, stability, compatibility and strength to meet stringent market demands. The prefabricated steel frame helps to reduce on-site labour installation time without compromising on structural integrity and quality. A distinctive feature of the system is its larger width span that requires less support while providing a high strength-to-weight ratio.


    Truss System.Image © BlueScope Lysaght.

    Truss System.Image © BlueScope Lysaght.

    Product Innovation Centre (PIC) – Driving Innovation and Market Trends:

    To further strengthen Lysaght’s pledge on continuous product enhancement and offerings, Lysaght downstream business established Product Innovation Center (known as PIC) in Singapore to sustain Lysaght market leadership. PIC, established in the year 2015 with an initial investment of SGD2mil aims to provide continuous product enhancement effort to elevate the brand with dynamic product offerings and geared towards sustainability to meet market needs; within domestic and reaching out to ASEAN region.


    Essential Roles of PIC

    The core functionality of PIC is to provide laboratory testing for Lysaght profiles, the congregation of all technical literature within the region, center hub in the provision of customized innovative designs and solutions according to market trends. With the emergence of new market trends, PIC plays a pivotal role in proposing cost-effective turnaround solutions, same time maximising technical capabilities to meet dynamic landscapes.


    About the Company

    BlueScope Lysaght is a renowned leader in the building materials and industrial proponents while others follow. They have established their horizons in limelight with a continuous increase in innovative ideas, providing values to their customers, total peace of mind and solution possibilities. BlueScope Lysaght is committed to providing solutions to its customer’s needs.


    The Company formed strategic partnership with industry players to innovate versatile products and solutions related to green building solutions, façade for interior architecture and re-invention of core products to sustain the business.

    They value knowledge, experience and commitment to deliver best in class service to their customers by understanding their unique requirements and customize to manufacture according to their needs.

    For further enquiries or more information, please visit their website ( or contact BlueScope Lysaght sales representative at any time.

    Peninsular Malaysia:  1700-81-8688

    Sarawak:  +6082 333 621

    Sabah:  +6088 445 161

    Brunei:  +673 244 7155

    Singapore:  +65 6264 1577

    This story is produced in collaboration with Bluescope Lysaght


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