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About Us: Building Products, Singapore

About Us

Archibazaar is a digital platform that showcases architecture masterpiece, building products, events, and other features. Archibazaar is the first of its kind and with Archibazaar, Architects, Suppliers, Manufacturers and Practitioners in the construction and architectural world can display and meet each other in an online platform.

This online platform provides you with constant information in the world of architects by providing information on various updates which includes a summary of projects, products, events, interviews, and competitions.

Why use Archibazaar

Archibazaar offers a reference project database and unique opportunity for project team members to articulate their project experiences. Alongside Architects, Consultants and others involved in the building process provide insight into how specific buildings were made. These examples, in turn, provide an insightful way to learn about how similar design challenges can be overcome.

Archibazaar is making the process of finding and connecting with manufacturers easier, faster and more effective for architects and specifiers. You can enquire for more information on individual items or there is a simple enquiry option to make multiple products enquires in one action. All enquires sent directly to the supplier with no delay.

Employing our interactive portal, we are geared to deepen your view as regards to key decision makers of the architectural and construction industry. Bringing all the right resources and products to just one platform, we believe that both vendors and users can be able to interact, share ideas and gain information that would help them simplify the processes of construction.

Archibazaar is the best way for Architects, Designers, and Manufacturers to showcase your work and gain more knowledge on how to increase your productivity. Making use of this online platform affords you the opportunity to view projects from various angles in the construction world which enables you to be concise in what you are looking for.

From this platform, we believe that we would accomplish our mission which is aimed at producing the latest and relevant expert information from the key industry players and distributing it across the Archibazaar community of architects, designers, researchers, manufacturers, and suppliers, building a cohesive platform for the exchange of ideas and shared data.